Renters' Insurance

Adequate insurance protection is just as important for renters as it is for homeowners. After all, you've made an investment in furnishing your home, and in your personal belongings. Yes, the building is covered. But who's going to replace your belongings if it's damaged by water, smoke, or fire? It's not going to be the landlord. Safeguard your investment with a Renters' Policy with one of our outstanding companies!

Aside from the automatic property and liability protection, with a Renter's Policy, you're covered for things you've probably never even thought about. Here's just some of the things we cover (varying by company):
  • If the building collapses all your possessions are covered up to the policy limit
  • Credit card, electronic funds transfer card, forgery up to $1,000
  • Personal liability up to $500,000 and medical payments up to $5,000
  • Theft of jewelry, watches, precious stones up to $1,000
If you would like to learn more about any of the policies we offer, please contact us today!


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